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Golden Teepee Parties is a complete turnkey event experience that will elevate any life celebration or milestone to a "wow" level. 

Founder and Chief Fun Creator, Angie Nelson, built a wildly successful career in the event industry, and knows exactly what it takes to create a flawless production. For years, she used her extensive experience and creativity from her professional world in her personal life, taking any excuse to create an over-the-top birthday or holiday soiree, and friends constantly begged her to plan their own celebrations. Well South Florida, she has finally agreed! Introducing, Golden Teepee Parties.

From the signature Golden Teepee to an endless opportunity for creative enhancements, Angie and her team have every detail covered. It's not just a party. It's a Golden Teepee experience, and we welcome you to join in.

  • What can I expect from Golden Teepee Parties?
    We strive to provide an amazing hassle-free party experience for you and your guests. We will create the perfect theme and design for your party, agree on the set up and tear down details and ensure that the process will be smooth sailing for you. Before we arrive, you will need to clear the space for the teepees – and we will help guide you on how much room you will need! Then, the rest is on our plate – we will take care of bringing this party to life! We will arrive no less than 3 hours prior to the party start time with all materials needed to create the party! We estimate about 2 hours for set up of the teepees, bedding and décor enhancements. We will set everything up – you don’t have to lift a finger - and review it all before we leave. We may need you to turn on lights after we leave to save battery power – but we will review it all! When the party is over the next day, we will return, pack everything up, and take it all away! Everything is a rental item, unless we have agreed on party favors or custom items the guests can keep. It will take us about 30-45 minutes to tear it down.
  • What is included in your teepee party package?
    Our packages include: -1 night rental with complete set up and tear down. -White Canvas Teepees for each guest (indoor only) -Twin Air Mattress with white fitted sheet and themed blanket for each guest (does not include sleeping pillow – we suggest guests bring their own!) -Themed accessories to include (but not limited to) decorative pillows, throw blankets, string lights, garland, banners, lantern, custom chalkboard signs for each guest -Breakfast trays for each guest -Area enhancements like stools, rugs and other misc decor to help bring the party to life -Full delivery, set up and tear down of Golden Teepee elements (*Delivery fee will be added for locations over 20+ miles from Golden Teepee HDQ’s). **IMPORTANT NOTE: Golden Teepee Staff does not move furniture to allow for teepee setup. We can advise on best location, but all furniture or personal items must be cleared by the client before set up can begin.
  • Is there anything you don't bring?
    Yes – we don’t provide sleeping pillows – only decorative ones. So please ask your guests to bring their favorite pillow to sleep!
  • How much does a teepee party cost?
    If you choose one of our many in-house themes – the cost is $75/teepee for 3-12 guests. If you are interested in more of a custom theme or something we haven’t yet developed, then the cost will be $100/teepee for 3-8 guests, and $75/teepee for each additional guest over 8. Our teepee party minimum is $200 for 2 teepees. We also charge a small travel fee for locations more than 20 miles from our Fort Lauderdale Headquarters.
  • Do you charge travel fees?
    We base our travel fees on google maps and applies to areas 20 miles outside of 33305. Since we make two round trips to your location – one for set up and one for pick up – we must charge a travel fee. Zip codes over 20 – 30 miles - $50 Zip codes over 30 - 40 miles - $75 Zip codes over 40 miles – let’s chat to figure it out!! We may be able to work something out that works great for all!
  • How many people can I invite?
    We currently have teepee setups for up to 13 individuals, including our signature Golden Teepee.
  • What is the minimum number of guests?
    Our minimum is 2 teepees and $200 minimum cost.
  • What types of customizations do you offer?
    So many! Thanks to years of event production experience, we have the ability to add on almost anything you can think of, and a lot you probably didn't know about! Let's talk about your vision and how we can make it happen. Included, but not limited to: Party Favors Specialty Desserts – cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops Balloon Swag or balloon clusters (to match theme) 'Kidcuterie’ Board (to be discussed) Hot Chocolate, Popcorn/Candy Bars Star Projector Doll / Pet Teepees Picnic Set Up with low table, cushions and décor Fringe Backdrops Entertainers Photographer
  • Can I host a party at a hotel or space other than a house?
    Yes! Hotel parties are our favorite! Just make sure that you are getting a big enough room for the teepee set up, that the furniture is mobile and we can move things around. We will coordinate the set up and tear down with you a little differently based on your check in and out times.
  • How much space do I need for set-up?
    Our teepees with the twin air mattress are 70” long, 39” wide and stand 64” tall. For (3) teepees to stand side by side – you would ideally need a 12’wide space. This allows for room in between each teepee. We can get creative with the teepee set up design – half-moon/u-shape, stacked facing each other, big circle – whatever the space allows and provides the best fit and set up for what you are trying to achieve! Let us help you plan! Tent Configuration Options:
  • Can we put the teepees outside for camping?
    For overnights, no, our teepees are for indoor use only. However, if you just want them during the day and the weather forecast is favorable, we can place our teepees outdoors. We can discuss this more over the phone!
  • Are your teepee parties only for girls?
    No! While we do have a lot of really cute girl-inspired themes, we are always working on boy-inspired themes as well! If you have a suggestion, we would love to hear from you! Right now we can offer Sports, Harry Potter, Gaming, Star Wars, Black & White, or neon/glow.
  • How do I inquire about pricing, availability or to book a party?
    Go to the Contact Tab of our website, fill out the inquiry form, submit and we will be back in touch with you within 24 hours. If you don’t want to go that route – you can always reach out text/call at 954.816.0563. Or email will work as well – We look forward to hearing from you!
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